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Legal Process, LLC. owned by Joseph and Jennie Moore, has been in business since 1986.  We have provided superior service to Attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, banks, and individuals with consistent service and competitive rates.

Whether your dealings are with Federal, Class Action Lawsuits, or Small Claims Actions, we will provide you with the highest standards of reliability and timely Process Service.  We pledge to offer you the peace of mind you need when tackling tough or delicate Personal, Corporate or Legal issues.

Corporate Services:  We understand many of the red tape issues that the Corporate world entails.  We have had years of experience solving all types of Corporate cases ranging from Worker's Compensation to Background Checks.  You can rest assured your case will be handled promptly and privately.

Our services include: 

SERVICE OF PROCESS, BAD CHECK COLLECTIONS, Genealogy, Divorce, Child Custody, Corporate Cases, Worker’s Compensation,  Insurance Fraud, Surveillance, Background Checks, Court Testimony and  Depositions, Evidence Photography, Personal Injury,  Agency Collections. 

Our professional and unobtrusive way of handling each and every case sets us apart from other agencies.  We pride ourselves in protecting your privacy as well as bringing about justice and providing closure to those involved in the cases we research.  Using sheer perseverance, we have earned a solid reputation for success and satisfied clients.

As well as forwarding Service of Process to fellow Servers Nationwide.

Jennie and Joseph Moore

  17 Sunbeam Drive
Bluffton, SC  29909
phone: (843) 247-5401
e-fax: (866) 318-9818

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